Lets build a home together in Centrumeiland


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Who are we?

We are your future neighbours

A diverse, multicultural construction group that cares about individual freedom of choice, creativity and sustainability. We will built a house and local community together. We are an official association since 2021

Available apartments

Approximately 5000 €/sq.m. Costs are 20% lower than market value

Apartment# 8

114 m² | € 569,636 v.o.n.

Apartment# 4

108 m² | € 521,438 v.o.n.

Our values

What we care about


From the start, it has always been the approach to be an accessible CPO for everyone. This makes us a nice mix of different cultures, origins and professions. Our communal garden is meant to join not only the owners but people from the whole Centrumeiland


We think it is very important to take everyone’s situation into account. During decision-making, we strive for complete consensus within the group, which fortunately often succeeds by having open conversations and listening carefully to each other.


The best thing about a CPO is of course the complete freedom to arrange your house the way you want! You get a 1 - 1 session with the architect to discuss all your wishes and you will have complete freedom of choice regarding your interior


IJ-UP is all about sustainable construction. Think of: triple glazing, sun blinds, solar panels,, underfloor heating, a heat pump and mechanical ventilation to keep the air quality of your home pure.


Our story

  • 2019

    First idea

    Build a house together

  • 2020

    Group established

  • 2021

    Officially an association

    The option is signed with the municipality

  • 2022

    Working on the designs with the architect

  • 2023

    Design is final

    Permits are being applied

  • 2024

    Construction starts

  • 2025

    Delivery and organisation of VVE

  • Be Part
    of Our

Contact Us

Email barbara@hallie-vanklooster.nl or call directly +31 (0) 20 6 816 716